This is me

Hi, I’m Anita and I love beautiful things.  I stole that line from a friend but it is perfect.  It can be anything: a teapot, a crystal glass, a floor tile, if it’s beautiful…I love it.

I also love cake… vanilla sponge or warm chocolate fondant, spongy or gooey, naked or decorated…any version of cake…I love it.

‘Cake’ began as my ‘side hustle’. Miss Muffet didn’t have a name, I just did it when my kids were in bed. I baked for friends, I baked for family, I baked for neighbours and I baked for ‘me time’.

One day someone asked me my business name and I blurted out, without a thought, Little Miss Muffet. That was the day I realised I had a business.

That was London in 2009 and since then I have worked in New York, moved to Singapore and grown my business with features in British magazines as well as worked with Expat Living and Sassy Mama magazines in Singapore. It has been quite a ride and I have never stopped learning, moving MM from my side hustle to my full time job, all while building a talented and dedicated team. Recently a friend remarked, ‘you will be 100 and still be working on self-improvement’…Absolutely!…we are never finished learning.

Anytime you don’t find me creating, researching or teaching you will find me belting out a tune to anyone that will listen (actually they really don’t even need to be listening) or attempting (terribly) to play the piano.

Whatever you are celebrating, let’s do it together.

Lets tell your story in cake and let the world know who you are.