This set of nostalgic, comforting goodies is perfect to pair with a cup of tea with your feet up. Keep it for yourself, send it to your friends, or gift it to teachers for for their birthday, or just to say Thank You. Each stylish-looking set of tins includes:

Classic jam tarts and lemon curd tarts, with luxurious sweet fillings encased in a crisp shortcrust pastry
Traditional buttery shortbread made with pretty, fragrant lavender
An extremely rich, gooey gluten-free chocolate torte (contains nuts)

The tarts and biscuits are developed from childhood recipes that have been baked time and again, over the years and across continents. The chocolate torte recipe is created from a dessert made by my ninth grade son one afternoon that I could not stop returning to all evening. I have named it the ‘Mikail Chocolate Torte’ to make him a little bit famous…