Unicorn Birthday Cake


This Unicorn Birthday Picnic cake is the perfect way to celebrate your little one’s birthday! The charming design features four too-full-and sleepy unicorns who clearly have had too much yummy cake! A cute birthday bunting is running across the cake to add to the festive zest! The soft colors and playful details are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Best of all, this delicious cake is made with only the finest ingredients, ensuring that your loved one will have a delightful birthday experience.


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Feet Up, Forks Out – It’s Time for Some Uber Delicious Cake!

At Miss Muffet Cakes, we use recipes that you would use at home if you only had the time and inclination. Our mouth-watering cakes are made from scratch, with the best ingredients. Fillings are often made in the studio using recipes we have had for years and are a complete secret (ssshhh!)

Our buttercream is like a cross between silk and pillows. People are always surprised when they try it for themselves because the texture feels so different from other frostings, but once you bite into our cake or cupcakes, everyone will be asking where you ordered from!

Our chocolate cake is made with real chocolate and hence tastes decadent and indulgent. We always use golden caster sugar, giving the sponge a rounded flavor rather than refined white sugar which gives a sharper, sweeter flavor.

Miss Muffet cakes are instantly recognizable due to the patterns that create depth and how we weave the name into the design of the cake. Each single-height cake consists of six moist cake layers, this allows for a more intense flavor experience with each bite.

Clients often enjoy our cake with their feet up and a cup of tea after the celebration when they just want to unwind and relax!  At which point I almost always receive a text from them.

With Miss Muffet Cakes, you’re guaranteed a unique and delicious cake that will be remembered long after the last crumb is gone.