Signature Style by MM

Whatever the occasion, what better way to spoil yourself and those you love than with a ‘Signature Style by Miss Muffet’ cake.

With recipes that take me back to moments in the kitchen with my Mom when the scent of vanilla would fill the house and spill out into her magnificent garden; deliciousness and design go hand in hand by utilising a strong colour palette and bold vibrant designs. These cakes are available to order any time.

At S$125, these cakes are for the moments that don’t come with a plan; lunch with friends, a quick birthday celebration at home, family coming for dinner or because you have a moment to put your feet up with a cup of tea this weekend.

Two flavours, a nostalgic vanilla and an indulgent chocolate are available year round. In addition, we offer special limited edition flavours throughout the year. To order one of our Signature Style cakes, simply make your selection below.

Hold the Virus

Hold the Virus Cake

Buzzy Bee

Fearless Fashion

Blue Marble

Floral Rainbow

Tiles With Love

Flying Giraffes

Summer Shorts

Star Wars

Baby Girl

Baby Boy

Cool Summer

Pink Floral

Islamic Tile


Need something creative for the kids to do this weekend without heading into the kitchen?

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